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5 Tips For Winning an Award

We've analysed our previous winners' entries and presentations and pinpointed effective practices that helped them triumph at the awards. Follow these tips to maximise your chances of being in ASIA CXA® Hall of Fame.

1. Find your winning CX story

First, you need to figure out the area where you've achieved fantastic results. Choose a CX initiative that resulted in significant changes and became a massive achievement for your organisation. The more successful your initiative is, the more chance it will score well.


Pro tip: The judges value specific results. In the entry, be sure to mention exact numbers and list the metrics for measuring the success of your initiative.

2. Choose the perfect category(-ies)

This is essential because no matter how good your initiative is, it's no use if you don't pick the right category for it. Go through the categories for this year's awards, find those that reflect your CX initiative best - and submit your application!


Pro tip: If more than one category reflects your initiative, you are welcome to apply. This can also increase your chance of winning.

3. Attach additional documents

Include charts, infographics or other relevant documents to explain your initiative better. This will make the entry a lot more effective. These documents should help point out specific aspects of your initiative and showcase your results.


Pro tip: Only use high-quality images in good resolution.

4. Deliver a rock-solid presentation

The presentation should discuss the initiative up-close and bring it to life, helping the judges to understand it better. Decide who among your team members will deliver the presentation (it can be more than one person).


Pro tip: Presenters should practice delivering the presentation a couple of times before the Awards Finals; you should also time it so you don't exceed the 15-minute limit.

5. Prepare for the judges' questions

After the presentation, there is a 15-minute Q&A sessions with the judges. To prepare for this, analyse your CX initiative from all angles and prepare answers to all potential questions about it.


Pro tip: Each team member should have their own area of expertise, to help them answer the judges' questions quickly and effectively. Teams should direct an answer to the person who's most capable of giving a detailed and effective response.


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See you at the awards!