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Report brought to you by Awards International, in partnership with European Customer Consultancy

“CXPA is delighted to help support the CXInspired® initiative. We are thrilled to hear you will be reviewing CXA® winning entries to develop two digital publications that provide insight based on these real world case studies into the practical tools and techniques of successful CX programs and outcomes”.

Greg Melia, CEO Customer Experience Professionals Association, CAE. CXPA supports CXInspired®

Awards International® is proud to be working in partnership with European Customer Consultancy on something really special.

The project will realize our long-term ambition to extract and share best practice from the thousands of entries in our awards library.

Our first step is to examine the more than 100 winning entries from the CXA® (Customer Experience Awards) from the last year. CXA® took place in 6 different locations around the world over the last twelve months.

Globally 59% of CX Professionals say for them and their organizations success in 2021 would depend on their ability to design purposeful customer focused experiences*.

Two reports, CXInspired® Organizations and CXInsprised® Leaders, will provide specific examples of actions to take to design such experiences and importantly lay down the commercial benefits delivered through these approaches.

The reports will be enriched by expert views from renowned CX practitioners, trainers and consultants, most of them winners at the CXA®.

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* European Customer Consultancy research with CX professionals globally, May 2020

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