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Why We Chose ASIA CXA® and What Are Our Goals For This Award?

In the last couple of years, Asia has developed into a major market for customer experience, with more and more top companies embracing effective CX practices.


Awards International's vision is to help spotlight and celebrate the momentous business efforts of organisations around the world, and ASIA CXA® is the continuation of that successful practice.


We are happy to add this awards programme to our wide array of CX events, in the hope it brings a lot of success to our future entrants.


We have a strong community across the globe, with many of our programmes becoming household names in the world of business awards: ICXA, UKCXA, GCXA, TCXA. We're also developing into other markets by setting up two more brand-new new awards recently: ECXA and US CXA®.


And now, our community is now richer for another CX event! By taking part, you will join a global movement celebrating top results and achievements!


This event is tailored to give each entrant a new voice, a stronger and more powerful voice that can reach all corners of the CX landscape and bring more attention. However, your story won't end at the Awards Ceremony, it will only begin there!


After the awards close, we will be promoting our finalists and winners across all communication channels, continuing to support their CX results.


All the members of our community will be given an opportunity to thrive and continue developing, because we are all about helping you reach new heights! We want to help the companies in Asia become even more successful.


How to enter? Visit our enter now page and learn more.


Also, if you want to talk to a consultant, you can get in touch with Aleksandar Lucic. He will be happy to help you out by providing the information you need. See you at the awards!


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